Are you worried that something is affecting your performance at work?


Have you considered that there may be an alternative solution to the problems that are affecting your performance - a safe and drug free alternative?  Several successful studies have been undertaken by The University of Sheffield (ScHARR) and various medical insurance companies to research the effectiveness of Homeopathic Treatment on chronic disease.  I am one of seven Homeopaths recently involved in a project treating anxious and depressed patients in the NHS South Yorkshire cohort for a University of Sheffield Research program.  Homeopathy has been used worldwide for over 200 years to treat all types of chronic illness.  It's a non-invasive, green, holistic treatment which is not widely available on our NHS but it's used by over 100 million people worldwide on a daily basis.

A different type of performance review 

 The one to one consultation will last two hours where you will discuss your symptoms. We will explore what sensations you are experiencing which are not usual to your normal healthy self.   It is totally confidential and this information will not be shared with your employer or anyone else. Following the consultation you will be prescribed a remedy which has a similar "symptom picture" to that which you are experiencing. The philosophy of Homeopathic medicine came from Hippocrates and is based on "like cures like".  A philosophy which has been recently used by Doctors in the development of treatment for certain allergies.  A minute amount of the substance which was giving you an allergic reaction such as nuts or grass pollen may be prescribed.  However the Homeopathic dose is minute and very safe.  Your progress following the remedy will be monitored for changes.

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