Homeopathy - does it work?

We're fascinated and challenged, when people say "I'm a skeptic because I'm a scientist" or "it won't work on me because I don't believe in it".  We know Homeopathy works because we've seen and experienced it.

Take a look at these videos compiled by members of the Federation of Homeopaths.  These are Doctors and Vets who now practice Homeopathy.  The only proof they needed was people and animals getting better i.e they found solutions to a problem and they got results with it.

The video to your right is a series of 10 short ones.  We've included these because skeptics often say homeopathy "that's placebo".  Well, animals don't respond to placebo.  Vets and Farmers choose Homeopathy because it's very cost effective, organic and it works.


The benefits and effectiveness of homeopathic medicine.

Link to videos from the Faculty of Homeopathy






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